Moose Antler Crafts

Moose antler Clock
 Moose Antler Clock  $35.00


Magnifier/Cherry Burl
Magnifier/Cherry Burl $24.00


Spalted Maple Candle Holder
 Spalted Maple Candle Holder $20.00


Bullit Pen made from Moose Antler
Bullet Pen made from Moose Antler $35.00


Serenity Ornaments
Serenity Ornaments $10.00


Seam Rippers
 Seam Rippers $20.00 


Moose Antler Bottle Openers
Moose Antler Bottle Openers


Magnifier/Letter Opener
Magnifier/Letter Opener


As it was found Antler
As it was found Antler

Desk Organizer

We make clocks, key chains, and souvenirs using moose antlers.  Moose naturally shed their antlers before each winter and regrow them in the spring.  We seek the antlers on our hikes and use it as a  natural material for creating a variety of crafts.

Moose Antler Buttons